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Services We
Use and Recommend

Many wonder what do private investigators use to conduct their own business? What email services do private investigators use? What secure chat options are available? What backup services and document management is secure?

Email - Proton

Our private investigation uses Proton for mail and more. We recommend Proton for end-to-end encryption and secure storage. It's free for basic accounts and for more features, just sign up for a premium account.


VPN - ProtonVPN

Again, this is another service our investigation team uses. Proton VPN is outstanding and provides many benefits over using standard email and junk fake VPN services. If we rely on it, so can you.


Secure File Storage - Tresorit

This firm uses Tresorit and we have recommended it since 2017 and only seen it get better. When secure file storage is your priority, check out Tresorit


Secure Messaging - Signal & Session

If you are looking for encrypted messaging, dump Whatsapp and Telegram and use Signal and, or, Session.

Let's Work Together

Let us help you with your legal, business and personal challenges. Hire our private investigators to help you get clarity.

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