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Hire San Francisco Private Investigator

SF Detectives that care.

Highly experienced private detectives that get results.

Cost Efficient San Francisco Detectives

We're a San Francisco Bay Area private investigator. We love the city of San Francisco, even though it has its fair share of significant problems.


The history of the city is phenomenal. If you haven't already, check out this video on the past from 1900-1909. 


There are many San Francisco private investigators to choose from. Why should you choose Private to conduct your Bay Area investigation?


Are Private Investigators Still a Thing?

This is a question asked on Google. The answer is a resounding yes! Private investigators have a long rich history in San Francisco and the private investigation industry is alive and well with millions of dollars of private investigative work done each day just in California.


Private investigators offer tremendous value in fighting fraud, understanding the integrity of people and in providing the public with information that keeps them safe from financial and physical harm.

Need to find a Private Investigator in San Francisco?

When you need to find a private investigator near you, the last thing you want to do is spend inordinate amounts of time chasing down a local private investigator. If that is you, and you demand professionalism and respect, look no further than Private™️ a San Francisco private investigator.


You are now in safe hands, and we will treat you and your matter with the utmost of respect and dignity. We want every client to feel that they have a partner in their matter. That they are in control at a time where they may feel that there is no hope.


Experienced Private Investigator

There is no substitute for experience. With 30 years of investigative experience, we are in a good position to help you with your matter.


Private Investigation Firm

Every local private investigator says the same old thing. But really, it comes down to how you feel when you speak to a private investigator. How they treat you will determine the level of care they intend to give their clients. If they are quick on the phone and don't allow for a 15-minute consultation, you might want to avoid hiring that detective.


Private™️ helps our clients through some complex investigative matters. We know that not every client is the same, and not every case is remotely the same. We have a boutique approach to helping our SF clients, starting with excellent customer relationships.


Long-term outstanding client relations is why you should hire Private.


We want to help.

We start your case same day we engage. We provide many services in just two days.

Investigative Services

Private™️ is a boutique detective agency. Our agency provides custom services to each client. We will create a custom approach to helping you through a divorce, or locating a person, or tracking down a witness you need to interview.

Locate People

Our private investigation firm locates people. We find persons you need to find anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area or the entire United States.


We locate persons for:

  • Law firms looking for witnesses to a matter

  • Deadbeat parents during child custody and child support issues

  • Long lost friends from the past

  • People who owe a debt

  • Serving legal papers

Background Checks

Background checks help our clients know more about a person's integrity and history. We perform background investigations in many matters.


Whether you need to understand the background of employees, someone you are dating or entering a business relationship, we can help you know them better.

Asset Investigations

We perform asset investigations that help look for hidden or obscured assets. We conduct asset investigations in the San Francisco Bay Area in every county. We also conduct asset searches in all parts of the world.


Private will locate the following hidden assets:

  • Automobiles

  • Real Estate

  • Liquid Assets

  • Intellectual Property

  • Collections

  • Insurance Policies

  • Brokerage Accounts

  • Businesses


Don’t let someone pull the wool over your eyes with hidden assets. Let our asset search firm find the hidden assets and bring justice to the matter.


Divorce Preparation

If you are contemplating divorce, you should seek the help of a private investigator that can help you gain valuable intelligence that may be useful in your divorce proceedings.


We help clients prepare for divorce by conducting asset investigations, surveillance of spouses, finding out who the other person is, tracking down shell companies, and other services that can support your claims in the divorce.


Missing Person

We work on missing person investigations in the San Francisco Bay Area. When someone goes missing, it can be scary. We are there with our clients getting the process started and we don’t leave until we know we have made headway in finding your missing person.

Child Custody

Child custody cases are near and dear to Private. There is nothing worse than a negligent parent and the impact that a parent can have, good or bad can make that child or break that child.


We help our clients by finding information about parents who are neglectful, who don’t pay child support; don’t follow court orders and other child custody and support issues.



Surveillance services are conducted by Private™️. We ensure that we put quality work into our surveillance services by adhering to important surveillance principals in the San Francisco Bay Area:


  1. Use quality equipment. We use high end Sony 4k cameras for all our surveillance work.

  2. Work as a team. Our surveillance operations are only carried out with 2 + surveillance operatives.

  3. Never lie to the client. We will always tell you the truth when it comes to your case.

  4. Tell the whole story. We view each surveillance investigation as a story to be told and our reports reflect the thoroughness of our investigation.


We also perform covert surveillance operations. We covertly watch employees, follow people on foot or motorcycle, use drones, have crewless surveillance techniques and other bespoke solutions.

Risk Assessments

We perform risk assessments to analyze the risk a client may face during their lifetime. We conduct in-depth assessments of various forms of risk depending upon the clients footprint in life.


Risk assessments can be an incredible tool to find you or your business vulnerabilities.


Due Diligence

We conduct due diligence investigations to help our clients know more before entering into a significant business relationship.


We minimize risk by creating a custom due diligence plan to review the matters that mean the most during a merger or acquisition.

Social Media Investigations

Private Cyber conducts deep dives on social media accounts. We find the stuff that can’t be found without a combination of our cyber experience, the tools we use and the open sources we dig through.


Social media investigations are becoming more useful as more platforms and more engagement is on the rise. Social media research has helped in background checks, asset searches, finding witnesses to incidents and more.

Cyber security

Private has in-house cybersecurity expert. Private Cyber helps our clients not only build and manage cyber programs, but we also conduct deep cyber investigations.

Device Forensics

We conduct digital forensics through Private Cyber. We help private persons, companies and lawyers gather important information that has been locked up, deleted, destroyed or otherwise obscured.

Legal Support

We provide 112 solo practitioners with legal support. We can help lawyers with the context of data; computer forensics; witness interviews; phone interviews; and other legal case building investigative techniques in the San Francisco Bay Area.

san francisco bay area

Our thoughtful approaches to your investigation help reduce overall costs.


Local San Francisco Investigation Services

Private work for local clients. Yes, we have clients in other parts of California, other states, and globally, but San Francisco Bay Area is where we call home.


We help clients in the following Bay Area communities:

South San Francisco

South San Francisco, also known as South City, has been an industrial hub since the 1920s. We serve this growing city with custom private investigation services that meet the needs of the people and businesses of South San Francisco.


East Bay

We serve all of Alameda County and Contra Costa county with our San Francisco Bay Area private investigation services. We fulfill many investigative assignments from law firms in these two counties in the East Bay of San Francisco.


In addition to working for litigators and criminal defense lawyers in the East Bay, we also cater to private business and family matters.


 Cities in the East Bay that we serve include Alameda, Concord, Emeryville, Fremont, Livermore, Pleasanton, San Ramon, and Walnut Creek.


Many of our San Francisco Bay Area clients come from Vallejo, Fairfield, and Vacaville. So, yes, we also serve many private clients in Solano county.


North Bay

We happily provide our services to the North Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. This region comprises Marin, Sonoma, and Napa counties.


We handle workers' compensation-related cases in the Napa Valley, help Marin County residents with cyber security and investigations, and help Sonoma families deal with complicated familial matters.


Private works in Napa, Sonoma, San Rafael, Tiburon, Santa Rosa and other towns and cities located in the North Bay.


All of the San Francisco Bay Area counties we work in can avail of our private investigation services.


San Jose

Silicon Valley receives our San Francisco Bay Area-based services too. Most of our work in San Jose is on cybersecurity and corporate investigations.


Private™️ works on private client matters, such as missing persons, property theft, and locating people our clients need to find.

San Francisco’s Private Investigator

Don't spread your information around an office; go directly to the source. Talk to the person qualified to dispense advice, create a strategy and help you get started.


Sure, hiring a San Francisco private investigator that has an office full of staff sounds good. But, consider how many hoops you must jump through to get to the decision-making person and get your matter started quickly.


When you contact Private, together we will find a way forward.


Why Hire a San Francisco Bay Area Private Investigator Near You?

Be cautious of State private investigators who put up clever Google advertising to lure clients into their book of business. A client may believe they are hiring a local Bay Area private investigator, but they aren't.


Some out-of-state private investigators say they have "boots on the ground" in your location, but they subcontract the work to another private investigator.


Private is a small firm, but our investigators can serve you anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. If necessary, you can meet us in person should your case merit it.


Also, if you hire an out-of-state private investigator, you may have no legal ramifications should they not abide by the terms of the contract.

san francisco private investigator

Not sure which investigation is right for you? We can help. Free Consultation 

What Does A Private Investigator Cost In San Francisco Bay Area?

The cost of hiring a San Francisco licensed private investigator will vary based on the investigator’s experience; complexity of the investigation—which includes the human resources needed.


A detective will begin an investigation for a retainer. The retainer is paid in advance of the work beginning and it is a rough estimate of fees and expenses that the private investigator reasonably expects it to cost for that stage of investigation.


Different investigation agencies value their services uniquely. Some will value their years as a cop. Some will value their actual private investigation experience (a whole different animal than being a cop) more. Others pride themselves on diplomas and degrees.

San Francisco Private Investigator Rates

Hiring a private investigator in San Francisco will cost around $200 per hour. Some services Private offers go up to $750 per hour. Most of our Bay Area investigation services are package priced. We start package pricing at $400.

What Does A $416 Investigation Get Me?

We charge $400 for several types of investigations. Package pricing allows for our client to control cost and get a level of service to either match their budget, or to see whether the case is worth pursuing.


Here are a few $416 investigations we conduct:

  • People locates

  • Basic asset searches

  • Entry level social media search

  • Motor vehicle records

  • Basic bank search

  • Criminal history check

  • Address history

  • Basic background check


As you can see, many services are available to the San Francisco Bay Area which are fairly priced and easy to manage for most budgets.


We have $950 investigation packages as well, which provide more in-depth information that our $400 cases.


The cost of your private investigation will largely depend on what your investigation needs.

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