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Hire The Best San Diego Private Investigator (important factors)

Private is Your Experienced San Diego Private Investigator

You are obviously looking to hire a professional San Diego County private investigator, but how do you know that we are the right agency to address your persona, business or legal matters? What should you look for when hiring a local private investigator? Please continue reading and we promise to give you the best understanding of how to hire a San Diego private detective agency.


Why Hire a Local San Diego Private Investigator?

Hiring a local investigator to represent your serious concerns is the first step in securing a qualified private investigator. Don’t hire someone with no boots on the ground. You need local representation that knows San Diego and surrounding cities to assist you in your case.


Can a Private Investigator Testify In a Court of Law?

Yes, especially if they are local. This is yet another reason to hire a local private investigator.


Private investigators are routinely asked to testify in a court of law to give their testimony about the investigation they performed, how they performed the investigation and what results they obtained during the said investigation.


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Hire Private as your San Diego Private Investigator

What Does a Private Investigation Uncover?

No investigation is fool proof. There are no promises as to the outcome of any case a private investigator in San Diego can promise. We use our investigative experience to review your matter carefully and then we search for and coordinate the best practical strategy to assist our clients get the best possible results within their budget.


Don’t trust a private investigator that throws our percentages of success. They are usually far from accurate and only tickle your ear. Hire a private investigator that tells you something you may not want to hear. Getting truth is why you hire a detective in the first place.


Private Investigations in San Diego - Investigative Services

Private provides several sought after investigative services. We provide professional private investigations in San Diego and have 30 years of investigative expereince in working as a private investigator. We have developed unique sources from our work and can provide bespoke services regardless of the matter. Here are a few frequently used services by our clients:


San Diego private investigators conduct surveillance of subjects. This is where we discreetly watch a subject to learn more about their conduct, behavior, movements and associations. Surveillance is conducted with two or more surveillance operatives that work together to ensure that they collect the best possible documentation that may later become evidence.


Many investigators in the San Diego area will try to convince you that surveillance is the mother of all investigative tools, this is usually because they cut their teeth in surveillance and do not have a lot of experience in looking at the big picture of the client’s matter. We use surveillance as a tool, but do so sparingly as the results can be mixed and good surveillance costs a lot of money.

Infidelity Investigations & Cheating Spouses

People seem to throw honor out the window these days and don’t care who they hurt in the process. We help our clients live happier lives by documenting infidelity so that they can move on and ensure a more peaceful existence without the dead weight of an errant partner.

Child Support and Child Custody

There’s nothing worse than a deadbeat parent. We help you get what your children rightfully deserve by uncovering fraudulent counterclaims of “no work” and “I have no money”. We catch lying deadbeats in their tracks.


We prove that a deadbeat parent really is working, that they may have more than one bank account, but lied to the court, that they have assets and more. We also locate deadbeat parents so you can serve them legal due process.


We also look at matters of child endangerment. We look at the living conditions of the child, who frequents the home, whether they are being fed properly and other custom child endangerment investigation services.

Attorney Services

We have partnered with 47 San Diego attorney’s to provide best-in-class litigation support. We also provide support during criminal cases.


Asset Searches

We search for assets that are hidden or obscured. Asset investigations are useful to determine whether a law suit should be considered and whether their are assets that can be attached.


We search for banking accounts, investment accounts, insurance policies, businesses, corporations, intellectual property, houses, pleasure craft and more.

Device Forensics

We conduct cyber related investigations including device forensics such as computer forensics. Our head of cyber is responsible for all cyber related matters including data extraction and analyzation of mobile phones, computers and other internet of things.


We can gain access to devices and then collect all the data, even deleted data from those devices so that our clients can gain important details that may help during litigation or a criminal matter.


Background Check

A background check can help you understand more about a person and where they have been, and if there has been any legal matters along the way. We recommend background checks be conducted in a wide variety of issues such as online dating, while contemplating marriage, when you are considering child care giver or even for elderly or those with special needs.


Don’t leave anything up to the charm and sweetness of a person’s personality. Conduct a background investigation to minimize the potential for risky situations.

Locate People

Wen locate people you need to find for legal or personal reasons. Locating people that don’t want to be found is our specialty, such as people hiding behind corporations, or who choose to change their identity or lie about who they really are.


Should your matter be simpler, and you are looking for your cousin you haven’t reached out to in 20 years, then your cost will usually be around $400 for the people search using our data that is exclusive to private investigators.

Stalking & Harassment

We someone continues to make contact with you and you have repeatedly told them to stop, you are likely dealing with a stalker. We help our clients investigate and document the actions of a stalker so that you can take appropriate legal action to end the harassment.

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Experienced Professional Private Investigations - Law Enforcement

Not only does the Chief Detective of Private have 30 years of experience but brings a team of associates with a varying degree of credentials and backgrounds in law enforcement, legal professionals, former military, former law enforcement agency extensive experience and more. We deliver results throughout Southern California with our attention to detail and highly qualified team that will guarantee confidentiality and peace of mind. When you need to conduct San Diego investigations, Private is only one phone call away at 1 (888) 867-6788.


California License 23712

You need to ensure that your California private investigator is licensed. It’s the law in California that every private investigator, even if they are doing open source intelligence gathering, is licensed. Most states require licensing and you should demand to know the license number of your private investigator before they conduct a confidential investigation.

Ask For a Free Consultation

When you are contacting investigation services, many San Diego firms will offer a free 15 minute consultation. Private offers a free 15 minute consultation for services in San Diego and throughout California. Call us today at 1 (888) 867-6788 and we can set up an agreed upon action plan for your matter.


Prepare For Your Complimentary Consultation

Before contacting Private consider creating a brief summary of what you want to share. We ask that you do this so we get just enough sufficient details that we understand the matter and can give your an estimate of costs. Remember, 15 minutes is free, so planning ahead will help ensure you don’t spend money on a consultation by going over the allocated time.

Investigative Needs

Often, well meaning clients call us and tell us what they need. Be prepared to hear otherwise. We don’t tell clients what they want to hear, we tell you what you need to hear and sometimes that includes the investigative strategy. We more often than not, have different avenues to achieve the same results and we choose those based on many criteria.


Allow the firm you hire to give the direction on what should be done to best serve your investigative needs. We promise to be there every step of the way and provide you with a strategy that get’s the most information about the subject of investigation that may exceed your expectations.


Retainer and Billing - What You Should Know

A retainer is money held against your account for services that will be rendered. It often also encompasses expenses incurred on your case. Your private investigator will conducting billing by deducting the time, cost and expenses from the retainer. Some firms like Private offer flat rate prices for many investigations, thus making it easier on the client when managing their budget.

Local Private Investigator

How Much Does a Private Investigator Cost in San Diego?

The cost of our firms services varies. We have package prices starting at $400, and some package prices start at $950. In some cases we have hourly billing that begins at $150 per hour and goes to $500 per hour.


When possible, we customize the matter to fit your exact specifications and budget. Almost anything is possible, but having an adequate budget to conduct a thorough and discreet investigation is important. We recommend that our clients consider and appropriate budget for their matter. Call us for a free consultation 1 (888) 867-6788.

Ready To Speak With An Investigator About Your Case?

Contact Private for a free consultation at 1-888-867-6788 to discuss your matter and see how we can help you gain greater clarity, leverage and answers.

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