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Social Media Forensics and Investigations

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

PRIVATE offers several Social Media Investigation and Forensic services. From basic information to continuous monitoring, we can create a custom plan to use social media intelligence for your investigation.

Be wary of the plethora of cybersecurity companies chomping at the bit for your dollar. The vast majority are unlicensed, and hide behind words like "Open Source Intelligence" or "Research" or "Forensics" all which do not necessarily have any sort of consumer protection because—they are not licensed!

PRIVATE is a licensed California and Texas private investigation firm with all the necessary experience, education, insurance and business acumen that is necessary to be licensed in our field. With our investigative resources and experience along with having our own cybersecurity team, we are dully qualified to help you in any Social Media Investigation.

We Can Do Incredible Things With Social Media Forensics

We have many creative ways we can utilize, extract data from and organize social media. We can dissect the minutia to a granular level giving you the smallest nugget of information that may assist your personal or business matter.

  • We can locate information in one or more social media profiles by specific dates

  • Find posts related to a specific even such as a party, or a specific geographical location

  • Locate emails, social media aliases, profiles, pictures and comments

  • Identify future events

  • Overwatch a particular subject for a month or more by documenting posts, pictures and other related activities and reporting those to our client

  • Locate witnesses to a specific event. We locate all posts, pictures, etc that may bolster an accident investigation

  • We can identify patterns of behavioral matters that may be ideal for child custody or workers compensation claims.

A Few of our Social Media Forensic and Investigation Services

We have several ways we can apply social media investigations to your particular matter. The below table gives you an idea of a few of our popular services and the related costs. We can custom create a solution for your particular matter.

Cyber Overwatch

​Cyber Dig

​Witness Locate

Dating Profiles

​Monitors a subjects activity for a period of time

​Digs for all accounts, emails, pictures, comments and geo data

​Look for any available witnesses to any event

Scour dozens of dating and hookup sites.

Starts at $600




To get started on your own social media investigation, please contact us here via our web form or calling us at (888) 867-6788.

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