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Locate a Person

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

After you have Googled yourself silly, you may consider not wasting more time and energy on looking for someone, and instead hire our private investigation team to professionally locate a person of interest.


Often, clients come to us after they have spent endless hours Online, perhaps even paying for those cheap and unreliable "people finding" traps. Only to really come up empty. We help you find people you want or need to find with professional results. After all, before people fell into the trap of these Internet related search services, private investigators were the go-to source for locating a person.

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We have access to billions of records. Our access is permitted based on our professional licenses, the laws we follow and the bonds we carry, the vetting of our office and staff. So, when the Online sources promise you deep dark secrets, they are only giving you information they scraped from the Internet. They are not giving you special access to anything.

The investigators here at PRIVATE lawfully and with decades of experience look for people you need to find. We utilize multiple sources to locate that person.

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There are many reasons our clients may want to find someone, here are just a few:

  • Deadbeat parent to enforce a court order

  • Contractor that ripped you off on a remodel

  • A debtor that owes you money and you need to enforce a judgment

  • You need to serve someone due process (court papers)

  • Long lost relative you want to reconnect with

  • Old high school friend you lost track of

  • Witness to a matter needed for a legal case

  • And more

Hire us to locate any person, and we will find them. The more information you have on the person such as their full name, Social Security Number, old phone numbers, previous address, birthdates; then the less expensive our services are.

Call us now so we can help you locate a person (888) 867-6788.

Read more about Locating a Person

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