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We work for clients in all parts of California, nationwide and other countries.

Cell Phone Data Extraction & Forensics

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Cell phones are a treasure trove of information and PRIVATE can extract the data from any mobile phone even if the information has been obscured or "wiped" from the device.

We Uncover Deleted or Hidden Cell Phone Data

We dig through mobile phones and bring to light anything and everything someone things they deleted or have hidden. People often try to hide contacts, delete pictures, turn off GPS history and more. Fortunately as cyber private investigators, our team can gather this information and help you understand more clearly what the phone really contains.

Passwords and Forensics

When legal, we do not need the password to access the device. We can optionally bypass password security to obtain entry into the device. Of course there needs to be a legal and ethical reason for doing so. Once inside we can go to work on extracting deleted or hidden data.

What Can PRIVATE Cybersecurity Obtain?

We can find a plethora of valuable information. Peoples cells phones are their "other brain" and contain their thoughts, viewpoints, feelings, and desires.

We obtain:

  • Deleted photos

  • Incoming & outgoing calls

  • GPS coordinates

  • Cell phone towers used

  • Calendars

  • Contacts

  • Social media posts, likes, etc

  • Tasks

  • Notes

  • Personal dictionary words

  • and more!

Contact PRIVATE Cybersecurity by messaging us here or calling us at (888) 867-6788.

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