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We Solve Big & Urgent Challenges

Transparency and honesty start with upfront pricing. Find another private investigator who lists prices. Go ahead, we'll wait. That's because 90% of private investigators don't list prices. Makes you wonder why, doesn't it? fog and trees


We look into people. We validate things like criminal history, education, employment, conduct, and more. Our background investigations can be custom tailored to your exact specifications.

Asset investigations find assets fog and trees


We locate hidden assets to make honest distribution more fair. Don't let them hide assets and cheat you from what you are due. From banks, to brokerage accounts; from hidden companies to houses and other real estate, crypto currency, safe deposit boxes, insurance policies and more.

Fog in road SF private investigator


Looking for someone? Googled yourself silly? We use proprietary and government sources not available to the public to locate people.

Fog around tree private investigator


We help with family law matters such as cheating partners, child custody & support and elder abuse. During a family matter, emotions are understandably at an all time high. We offer objective sound investigative approaches that gather relevant facts that help you establish your case.

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In-house professional digital forensics including social media forensics, Online harassment, cyber bullying and more. We have specialized people that are cybersecurity and cyber investigators.

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ValiDate™ Romance & Dating

Find out the truth about who you are dating. Is it real or a scam? We get the answers you need for very little cost.

Detectives That Care

We know that the challenges our private investigation clients face are no laughing matter. We are human too and may have gone through some of the very matters you are. We understand well the complexity of the matters our clients face in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Advantages To Hiring Our SF Detectives

Results Guarantee

We guarantee many of our services with a 50% money back if we don't find any information. This is not available for all cases, so ask us when we consult.

Same Day Start 

We start today! Just sign our agreement, fund the retainer and we will begin processing your case the same day.

32 Years Experience

Limited Clients

2x Faster

Only experience proves reliability and expertise. Our experience spans more than three decades.

We only take a few clients on at a time. Other firms cram as many as they can into their case load and your case becomes just another matter.

We've cut out the red tape. We streamlined many of our services to be completed nearly twice as fast as other private investigators.

Hear what our clients are saying now!

Whether it's getting past a bad relationship, sticking it to a fraudster, or getting what you deserve in a family law matter, Private can help get you back on track to living a happy, healthy and often wealthier life.

What do you want to get more out of in your life?

private investigator barry testimonial

We hired Private to help us with a business issue. They assisted in rooting out an employ who was stealing our customer list. Excellent service.


Barry - Larkspur

private investigator testimonial from client

They aim to provide a holistic approach to private investigation services. It did feel that way and now I am glad I hired Private.

Patricia - Benicia

anonymous private investigator client

My first time hiring a PI and I was pleased that they cared to go above and beyond.

Mariana - Sonoma

SF Bay Area Golden Gate Bridge Private Detectives

We do investigations a little differently.

All-inclusive pricing is our best option to save you money. Whenever possible we will create a package price so you know what you are getting for your money. Hourly rates can be bottomless pits.

We treat your hard-earned money as our own. We know it isn't pleasant to hire a private investigator. We wouldn't want to either. So we do our best to take the sting out of high-quality service and results.

Best SF Bay Area Private Investigator

Everything you need to get your investigation started fast.


Complete Privacy

Maximum discretion. Private is our name. We are the preeminent privacy focused private investigation firm in California.


Secure Case Management

Every case is managed by only one person with complete security at the forefront. We do not keep paper files in our office and we utilize Tresorit for safe digital storage of only our contract between us.


Quick Case Initiation 

Private doesn't waste any time. We roll up our sleeves and get started immediately on your matter. Don't wait to start your case, all cases are started the same day you hire us.

How Much Does a San Francisco Bay Area Private Investigator Cost?

The cost of hiring a California private investigator will depend upon the complexity of the investigation, the required human resources, possible expense, and the detective's experience. 


We break many of our private investigation services into package prices, saving our clients from the frustration of overinflated billing. We have all-inclusive package prices starting at $208.  Our hourly rate start at $200 per hour, but most of our services are in money saving packages.

San Francisco Dective Agency Cable Car

Investigators That Help You Improve Life


San Francisco Street Scene Private Investigators

Discreet San Francisco Bay Area Investigations Have Been Our Focus For 30 Years

We know  you need CLARITY in life, but don’t know where to start? Click the button to schedule a call with an expert who can guide you in getting STARTED now.

  • Licensed expert advice

  • Secure, online process

  • Deep understanding of the unique challenges private clients face

Will the person know I hire a private investigator?

No. No one will ever know. Any records we access, data bases we search or information we uncover will not leak to the subject of investigation. We use careful and methodical approaches to our investigative strategies. If we feel any aspect of the matter may leak, we will share it with you first so we can decide if the risk is worth the reward.

Do you offer any guarantees on your investigation services?

Yes. We guarantee our workmanship based on the budget the client has provided. We also have some additional guarantees depending on the case.  Not all private investigations come with a guarantee, so it’s best to speak to us to discuss your matter. Remember, each investigation is different, and there are no promises as to the outcome of your private investigation.

How much does a private investigator cost?

Most of our private investigation fees are in package prices so that you don’t worry about hourly billing. For example, we have package prices starting at $208, $950 and others more complex that may have an hourly rate of $200 per hour.

  • How much does a background check cost?
    We custom tailor each background check to the needs of the matter at hand. You can count on a background check starting at $416 for a good point of reference.
  • What does a background investigation cost?
    Background investigations are more in-depth and can focus on a certain area, be broad in nature or go very deep. Background investigations start at $1250.00
  • What's the differnece in a background check/investigation and criminal history?
    Criminal history investigations can be part of a background check/investigation. They can also be a stand alone service you choose to hire us for. Criminal history checks start at $400 where a basic background check starts at $600.
  • How long does a background check/investigation take?
    Depending upon the information you desire, a background check can be completed the same day. Some take longer, this is solely dependent upon how deep you wish to go. Some background investigations can take a month, but this is generally the case when we are interviewing people during the background investigation.
  • Is the background check/investigation discreet?
    100% yes. There is nothing that leaves a trail on discreet background inquiries. However, some types of background investigations need the subject's permission to go into various areas of their life or if making financial inquiries. We will advise you ahead of time if that is the case so you can decide if this is what you want.

San Francisco Bay Area private investigator providing nationwide private investigation services, based in California.  We handle most cases in a package price to save you from over inflated billing.

We use technology significantly to serve our clients nationwide. We are not standard private investigators—our goal is different. We want the private investigation, cyber investigation, and security services we provide to help our clients live happier, healthier, and wealthier lives. We help people live better lives by answering challenging questions and providing information that provides peace of mind. Private delivers actionable information used in business, personal, and legal matters.

Our firm is entirely available for private investigations, commercial investigations, cybersecurity, phone forensics, privacy consulting, and security planning services.

Our San Francisco Bay Area local private investigator handles cases in San Francisco, San Jose, Marin, San Rafael, Sonoma, Petaluma, and Napa. In addition, our private investigation services are available in Vallejo, Benicia, Martinez, Walnut Creek, Fairfield, and Vacaville.

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